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Big Iron Express, LLC based in Marietta, Georgia

and Cut and Shoot. Texas

Customer service is priority ONE at Big Iron Express LLC. we are a common carrier trucking company based in Marietta, Georgia and Cut and Shoot, Texas. Personalized service from professionals, our team has been in the trucking business for over 60 years, professional service is our guarantee. You're treated like family and we know each of our customers by name not a number.

 The Big Iron Express Advantage

Trucking has never been easier than with our personalized guaranteed services including:


• Power Only

• Tankers

• Professional

• Flatbed

• Oversize

• Nationwide

• Containers

• Van

• On-Time Delivery





Remember when you knew your trucking companies drivers and they knew you by name? The owners  and drivers at Big Iron Express LLC still believe in those values. Owners, friends since they were 14 years old, our owners believe in mom-and-pop values such as treating customers like family.

Our owners created their company to cater to individualized needs and provide superior customer     service and transportation services. Don't just be a number in some large company's filing cabinet.      We're small and intend to stay small. Let us help you with all of your nationwide transportation needs.

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